fredag 16. august 2013



Alle våre gallerier har til en hver tid et godt utvalg av kunst og original grafikk til salgs

Galleri Artgate Sandvika

Claude Monets alle 24
tlf: 67 54 60 10

Galleri Artgate Sentrum

Nedre Vollgt 1
Oslo Sentrum
tlf: 48 88 43 53

Galleri Artgate Lillestrøm

Kirkegata 11
2000 Lillestrøm
tlf: 63 81 77 00

Galleri Artgate Skøyen

Drammensveien 126
0277 Oslo
tlf: 23 27 00 80

Galleri Artgate Majorstua

Kirkeveien 49
0368 Oslo
tlf: 23 36 75 00

Galleri Artgate Sinsen

Trondheimsvn 176
0570 Oslo
tlf: 22 22 12 60

Galleri Artgate Jessheim

Gotaasalleen 3
2050 Jessheim
tlf: 63 98 48 11

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tirsdag 13. august 2013

Painting in Malta

We had an exciting trip to Malta this summer. For us it was a new culture, with many new stories to discover. The landscape was characterized by human activity for thousands of years by agriculture and construction. 

The island has an ancient culture, actually one thousand years older or more than the Egyptian pyramids. My son Leopold and I examined the archaeological museum in Valletta with great interest. Much beauty it was to see, and I painted several pictures of Valletta and Mdina and landscapes from the Golden Bay, the Blue Lagoon and other places.

Take a look at these oil studies and let me know what you think of them.

Maling på Malta

Det ble en spennede tur til Malta denne sommeren. En ny kultur, med mange nye historier å oppdage. Landskapet var preget av menneskelig aktivitet i tusenvis av år ved landbruk og byggevirksomhet. 

Fascinerende var det å oppdage at øya har en eldgammel kultur, faktisk tusen år eldre enn Egypts pyramider. Min sønn Leopold og jeg gransket det arkeologiske muséet i Valletta med stor interesse. Mye vakkert var det å se, og jeg malte flere bilder i Valletta og Mdina og landskaper fra Golden Bay, Den blå lagune og andre steder.

Ta en titt på disse oljestudiene og fortell meg gjerne hva du syns om dem.

 St. John's Co-Cathedral, oil on board. 2013

Fort St. Angelo, oil on board. 2013

Golden Bay, oil on board. 2013

Golden Bay, oil on board. 2013

Golden Bay, oil on board. 2013

The gate to Mdina, oil on board. 2013

Mdina, oil on board. 2013

søndag 11. august 2013


Maleriet Nordstjernen ble for en stund siden stjålet fra samlingen til en av mine kunder. Maleriet er sporløst borte og det finnes ingen indikasjoner på hvor det har tatt veien. Min klient var bortreist og når hun kom tilbake var bildet borte fra veggen, det var ingen spor etter innbrudd.

Politi er informert, men ingen spor er ennå oppdaget. Vennligst gi meg en beskjed om du vet noe om maleriets beskaffenhet og hvor det kan befinne seg på

 "The Northern Star"are stolen!

My painting The Northern Star was a while ago stolen from the collection of one of my clients. The painting disappeared without a trace and there is no indication of where it has taken the road. My client was away from her house on a trip and when she came back the picture was taken from the wall, there was no sign of forced entry.

Police are informed but no traces are detected. Please let me know if you know anything about the painting's condition and where it may be at

The Northern Star by Jonny Andvik
Oil on canvas, 100 x 81 cm, 2003

Detalj av Nordstjernen. Detail of the painting.
Maleriet Nordstjernen måler 100 x 81 cm uten ramme og er signert med Andvik.
The painting measures 100 x 81 cm unframed and are signed with Andvik.


- romance, drama, history and pictorial imagination.

Once every now and then my wife and I travel to Skagen in Denmark. The city has its own magical power - certainly measurable for anyone with an interest in beautiful places, but possibly extra palpable for us who work in the visual arts.

Skagen are known for its artist colony of the very unusual kind. In Skagen's heyday it was a rather creative crucible for painters, poets, writers, composers, singers and actors.

The Skagen Painters were a group of Scandinavian artists who gathered in the area of Skagen from the late 1870s until the turn of the century. The group included Swedish painters Oscar Björck and Johan Krouthén, Norwegian painters Christian Krogh and Eilif Peterssen, Danish painters Karl Madsen, Laurits Tuxen, Marie Krøyer, Carl Locher, Viggo Johansen, Thorvald Niss, Holger Drachmann and most notably, Anna and Michael Ancher and Peder Severin Krøyer. The gatherings in Skagen were not restricted to paint. Danish writers Georg Brandes and Henrik Pontoppidan and Swedish composer Hugo Alfvén were also members of the group.

If you take your time and read about the lives of these people, then one understands more what impact this group of people had on each other. There was a climate of creative activity of unprecedented nature. The inner circle developed a visual memory Skagen since then has been gratifying. Artists' homes, Skagen Museum, Brøndums Hotel and the character of the village makes the historic atmosphere we like when going there.

Despite the seemingly romantic atmosphere that prevailed during the artists' colony it was not always harmonious. In the painting Midsummer's Eve Bonfire on Skagen's Beach by P.S. Krøyer, 1906 things are starting to unravel. We can see groupings of seemingly happy people around the glowing fire in the blue evening - they are all members of the inner circle and can easily be recognized. The painter note the incident on canvas with his brush and palette - he included Maria (Krøyer's wife) slightly flirtatious with Hugo Alfvén in the middle of the painting. As we know Maria divorced  Krøyer in 1905 and married Hugo in 1912. That was after P. S. Krøyers death.

There are a number of masterpieces to see at Skagen Museum, by many of the painters working in the golden age of Skagen.

The pictorial magic of the Skagen painters:

My family: Leopold, Fabian August and Siri Andvik.

The House of Anna and Michael Ancher.

Brøndum Hotel.

Lunch at Brøndum.

The former Brøndum's dining room today at Skagen Museum.

Wall panels with paintings by many of the colonypainters.

Artists' Luncheon at Skagen, P.S. Krøyer, 1883

Works by P. S. Krøyer. Maria and his selfportrait.
P. S. Krøyer selfportrait.

Carl Locher.

Midsummer's Eve Bonfire on Skagen's Beach, P.S. Krøyer, 1906. 257 x 149,5 cm.
From left to right are: Walter Schwartz (seated), Vibeke Krøyer, engineer Valdemar Triepcke (Marie Krøyer brother), Mayor Otto Schwartz, author Alba Schwartz, Michael Ancher, Degn Brøndum, Anna Ancher, Henny Brodersen, postmaster BA Schroeder, Mrs. Schroeder , Holger Drachmann and Soffi Drachmann, the Swedish composer Hugo Alfvén, Marie Krøyer, Mrs Jürgensen, treasurer JF Brodersen, rescuing President PK Nielsen (controlling stake), Laurits Tuxen and Fred Tuxen. Each artist or agent of the bourgeoisie may be designated by name, while the fishermen's wives and children remain anonymous. Source: Skagen Museum.

Detail: Midsummer's Eve Bonfire on Skagen's Beach, P.S. Krøyer, 1906

Detail: Hugo Alfvén and Maria Krøyer.


Detail: Midsummer's Eve Bonfire on Skagen's Beach, P.S. Krøyer, 1906

Detail: Midsummer's Eve Bonfire on Skagen's Beach, P.S. Krøyer, 1906

Summer Evening on the Skagen Southern Beach, P.S. Krøyer, 1893

Detail: Summer Evening on the Skagen Southern Beach, P.S. Krøyer, 1893

Detail: Summer Evening on the Skagen Southern Beach, P.S. Krøyer, 1893

Summer Evening at Skagen (1892)

Laurits Tuxen. Portrait of his and the daughter of Krøyer.

The drowned is carried ashore (1913).

Portrait of Holger Drachmann by P. S. Krøyer. 

Detail: Portrait of Holger Drachmann by P. S. Krøyer. 

Portrait of Holger Drachmann by P. S. Krøyer.

Detail: Portrait of Holger Drachmann by P. S. Krøyer. 

Detail: Portrait of Holger Drachmann by P. S. Krøyer. 

Fishermen hauling nets, North Beach, Skagen, P.S. Krøyer, 1883

Detail: Fishermen hauling nets, North Beach, Skagen, P.S. Krøyer, 1883.

Interior of Skagen Museum.

Window-view of the museum and Brøndum Hotel behind.

The Museums garden.

Skagen's Museum located in the old garden of Brøndum's Hotel.

Viggo Johansen.

Oscar Björk.

The studio of P. S. Krøyer.

Siri Andvik at Grenen, Skagen.

The Andvik family at Grenen, the tip of the Skagen peninsula.