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A stunning new book. November 2013:

The Nerdrum School
-The Master and his students

Not many artists of today’s art world create an additional footprint through his or hers great number of pupils. Odd Nerdrum founded a school that was common for master painters in earlier centuries but not of today. His followers have a direct influence in their art from their master. This book shows how “The Nerdrum School” is an important part of the international art scene in our time.

The author of the preface, the art critic Richard Vine describes Nerdrum like this: “For the last four decades, Odd Nerdrum has been, in that sense, a necessary artist—not because he towers at the forefront of world acclaim or because his work engages contemporary issues in distinctly contemporary visual terms. On the contrary, he has been—by his own account and in keeping with his own wish—the odd man out. Most viewers and most art-world professionals have regarded him as simply too talented and too famous to ignore, and yet too contrarian to embrace. In his long rough gown, Nerdrum has stood at the door of art’s Temple, so to speak, like a prophet reminding us of our artistic derelictions and sins”.
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Coverpainting by Helene Knoop.
"It is an impressive collection of painters that I am proud to be a part of. The collection of paintings shown in this book is only a small part of the production these eminent painters has, and that says a lot about what "power center" Odd and Turid Nerdrum has created. The book is an important document for the future assessment of The Nerdrum School".

Jonny Andvik, November 2013

The painters represented in this book:

Amy Sherald

Andrea J. Smith

Andrew Scheglov

Anthony Ackrill

Atle Skudal

Austin Murphy

Billy Roy Økland

Boris Koller

Brad Silverstein

Brad Wilde

Brandon Kralik

Caleb Knodell

Carlos Madrid

Christer Tronsmed

Christiane Clarissa Koch

Cornelia Hernes

David Maddy

David Molesky

David Ransom

Dylan Critchfield-Sales

Elisabeth Gyllensten

Eri Haruyama

Evan Kitson

Even Richardson

Fereidoun Ghaffari

Francis O`Toole

Gabrielle Vitollo

Geir Stahl

Guillermo Lorca Garcia Huidobro

Gunnar Haslund

Harald Kolderup

Hege Elisabeth Haugen

Helene Knoop

Irena Jovic

Ivanco Talevski

Jan-Ove Tuv

Jay Senetchko

Joakim ericsson

Joel frank

Johan Patricny

Jonathan Matthews

Jonny Andvik

Jordi Diaz Alamà

Julia Clift

Kaja Norum

Kjetil Jul

Kristina Gehrmann

Kristy Gordon

Lauren Gidwitz

Luke Hillestad

Maria Kreyn

Markus Andersson

Mattias Sammekull

Molly Judd

Monika Helgesen

Nanne Nyander

Natalie Holland

Nick Alm

Nicholas Mancini

Nicole Porter

Odd Nerdrum

Odin Borgen

Osiris Rain

Paula Rubino

Per Trygve Lundgren

Richard Thomas Scott

Robert Dale Williams

Rose Freymuth-Frazier

Sampo Kaikkonen

Sebastian Letelier

Shane Young

Sigmund da Silva Lien

Stefán Boulter

Stig Ristesund

Sverre Bjertnes

Teresa Oaxaca

Terje Adler Mørk

Thomas Ehretsmann

Thomas Klevjer

Timothy Joseph Allen

Trine Folmoe

Ulrik Stenshøj

Vídir I thrastarson

Nick O `Leary

Jeremy Francis Bell

256 pages
500 illustrations
Language: English
ISBN: 978-91-87543-04-3
Price: NOK 498,-

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