onsdag 5. september 2012

The old fisherman's harbor.

After a long time spent painting by the coast of Telemark, Norway I can finally see the soul of the place shine trough - I try to capture that in my works

It takes time to make visible the stories a landscape carries. With patience the motifs comes trough and faces me. I'm fast using my brushes and palette to captures moments of light on the canvas there and then - no photocopying in my book - only personally experienced of what the nature offers me. Then my paintings features proportions and the richness of color that is genuine to nature.

This collection of works from Skåtøy and Jomfruland can be seen at Atelier Andvik, mail address, or at my autumn exhibition, Brevik in Gruppe 9 – 21 October to 4 november 2012.

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